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  1. Doing your Database on AWS (Part 4)

    In this Part 4, we will take a look at AWS Redshift, designed to handle Big Data... Read More

  2. Doing your Database on AWS (Part 3)

    In this Part 3, we will move on to discuss Amazon’s DynamoDB services, which would be your database option of choice for less structured and less predictable data that doesn’t lend itself to the traditional SQL-based tabular model... Read More

  3. Doing your Database on AWS (Part 2)

    In this Part 2, we’ll continue with an examination of how to work with an RDS instance in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and how to move a database instance into a VPC if it isn’t in one already... Read More

  4. Doing your Database on AWS (Part 1)

    The author discusses deploying and managing a database in the AWS... Read More

  5. Amazon EC2 Can Contain Itself

    The cloud is based on an underlying virtual infrastructure, and today there are myriad ways to virtualize that infrastructure. While not entirely new, one hot approach is what is known as containers... Read More