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Rely on our articles to get the most out of AWS and their third-party partners.

  1. 9 Things You Need to Know About Amazon Web Services (AWS) Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    The cloud done right can offer substantial savings as you ditch expensive on-premises hardware for on demand cloud services. The idea is the cloud vendor should be more efficient due to economies of scale as they buy servers and disk arrays in the hundreds of thousands and have legions of specialized IT pros managing the whole thing... Read More

  2. A Crash Course in Amazon Terminology (Part 1)

    Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) are made up of a virtual alphabet soup of individual services, each of which has its own name. This article series is designed to familiarize you with the various services and to clarify some of the terminology used by Amazon... Read More

  3. A Crash Course in Amazon Terminology (Part 2)

    This article concludes the crash course in AWS by discussing some of the Amazon cloud’s more notable services... Read More

  4. AWS Benefits Rise over Time, IDC Says

    The economics of AWS are pretty good to start with, with reduced CAPEX, greater uptime and improved agility. But according to an IDC report sponsored by Amazon “The Business Value of Amazon Web Services Accelerates over Time,” the economics get better and better as time goes on... Read More

  5. AWS Free Tier Services

    Choosing a cloud provider is serious business. It’s a commitment – one that can greatly benefit your business by saving money and making things easier and more convenient for IT admins and users, or one that can plunge you into a cloudy nightmare. In theory, you should be able to easily move your virtual machines from one cloud vendor’s data... Read More

  6. AWS Instance Purchase Models Explained

    In this article we will outline the three Instance purchase models for Amazon EC2 and determine under which conditions either model may be best utilised for maximum value to be achieved from each purchase option... Read More

  7. AWS Partner Program Pumped

    Amazon has a partner program for AWS that its rivals, even partner savvy Microsoft, can only dream about... Read More

  8. AWS Raking in the ISVs

    AWS is the clear cloud and IaaS market leader, with 5 times the compute capacity of its rivals, Gartner says. Technology is part of its strength. But a massive and flowering set of partners is another... Read More

  9. AWS Reduces Downtime, Saves Money, Nucleus Research Finds

    One main reason to move from on-premises software to the cloud is economic --- it should be cheaper to use a cloud service than buy and maintain your own servers, storage, network and software... Read More

  10. AWS Search Tool up to 50% Cheaper

    The traditional way of announcing tech news, the good old-fashioned press release, is not often ditch in favor of a simple blog post. And so it is that Amazon revealed that CloudSearch is now up to 50% cheaper to operate... Read More