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Rely on our articles to get the most out of AWS and their third-party partners.

  1. Getting Started with AWS (Part 8)

    This article explains how IAM policies can be used to assign permissions for controlling access to AWS resources... Read More

  2. Getting Started with AWS (Part 7)

    This article describes how to implement multi-factor authentication for adding an extra layer of protection to your AWS root account and IAM user accounts... Read More

  3. Microsoft + AWS: A Winning Combo (Part 5)

    In this Part 5, the final article in this series, we will offer some tips on deploying SharePoint on EC2 and bring this discussion to a close... Read More

  4. Getting Started with AWS (Part 6)

    This article walks you through using the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) console to create new users and groups and how to configure the password policy for your AWS environment... Read More

  5. Microsoft + AWS: A Winning Combo (Part 4)

    In this part 4 of our series, we’ll talk about high availability (including Active Directory site design and cross region deployment), instance configuration, monitoring and patch management, backup and security considerations... Read More

  6. A Crash Course in Amazon Terminology (Part 2)

    This article concludes the crash course in AWS by discussing some of the Amazon cloud’s more notable services... Read More

  7. Getting Started with AWS (Part 5)

    This article provides an overview of the IAM Console which allows you to use AWS Identity and Access Management to assign policies for managing how users can access your AWS resources... Read More

  8. Microsoft + AWS: A Winning Combo (Part 3)

    In this article we start to take a look at how to deploy popular Microsoft server applications such as Exchange and SharePoint on your Windows instances running on AWS... Read More

  9. A Crash Course in Amazon Terminology (Part 1)

    Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) are made up of a virtual alphabet soup of individual services, each of which has its own name. This article series is designed to familiarize you with the various services and to clarify some of the terminology used by Amazon... Read More

  10. Getting Started with AWS (Part 4)

    This article describes the capabilities of AWS Identity and Access Management and how it can be used to help secure access to the resources in your AWS environment... Read More