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  1. Moving VMs to AWS

    The best workloads for the cloud are those that are already running as virtual machines. Now there is a new way to migrate those workloads to AWS... Read More

  2. Verizon Wants What AWS Has

    Amazon is the clear leader in IaaS, but that it not for competitors’ want of trying. Two top rivals are Microsoft’s Windows Azure and Google’s Compute Engine... Read More

  3. AWS Search Tool up to 50% Cheaper

    The traditional way of announcing tech news, the good old-fashioned press release, is not often ditch in favor of a simple blog post. And so it is that Amazon revealed that CloudSearch is now up to 50% cheaper to operate... Read More

  4. AWS puts the "Magic" in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

    Many IT pros place great faith in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants, and vendors will pay tens of thousands of dollars to consultants who will help them just get considered... Read More

  5. The AWS Explosion

    The tech world is full of monopolies, and in the cloud space, particularly Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Amazon makes its competitors look like mere wannabees. Oh, the competition is tough, with massive forces such as Microsoft Azure, the Google Compute Engine, Rackspace and Verizon, aligned against Amazon Web Services (AWS)... Read More

  6. Amazon vs. Citrix in DaaS Battle Royale

    A year ago Amazon made a bold move into the world of virtual desktops, a market dominated by Citrix the way that virtual servers are dominated by VMware... Read More

  7. Startups Given Fast Route to AWS

    Twenty years ago when a startup launched, it had to hire IT, buy a bunch of computers and storage, and stitch it all together... Read More

  8. How AWS Happened

    Microsoft invented Azure because that is what the market and shareholders wanted – a broad-based cloud service to which its users can migrate. The story of AWS is far more organic... Read More