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  1. FileCloud Moves to AWS

    File Sharing and Sync (FSS) is a hot topic, and a technology many believe is best done in the cloud (although there are those that think on-premises is far safer and with files more accessible). CodeLathe is in the former camp having just announced the release of FileCloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS)... Read More

  2. Tag – AWS Management Console is it

    As cloud use grows, it becomes more and more difficult to track resources. Sure Amazon has its AWS Management Console, but this can only go so far – until now... Read More

  3. Vembu Pitches Free File Share to AWS Community

    Vembu Technologies, which just released Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for AWS, also has File Sharing and Collaboration aimed at businesses. Now the company is offering a free version of its Vembu FileShare, just as DropBox has a free low-end version... Read More

  4. Cloud Technology Partners has over $9 Million to Bolster AWS Biz

    Cloud Technology Partners, a firm that helps IT shops transition to the cloud and exploit services, now has $9.1 million more to play with. This is thanks to a new round of financing from Oak Investment Partners and the Pritzker Group. This brings total investment to some $14 million. The firm plans to use the new dough to buttress its... Read More

  5. Forrester Chooses Three Cloud Winners, AWS at Top of Heap

    Forrester Research has three cloud companies aimed at developers it sees as true standouts – Amazon, Microsoft and Read More

  6. New Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Tool Taps AWS

    These days more and more shops are moving to cloud storage. Some of this is to low end offerings like DropBox and OneDrive. But increasingly the cloud is used for true backup and disaster recovery. One issue this solves is tape. Tape has been a useful technology, but is fraught with peril. Not only is it difficult to manage, but... Read More

  7. Another 3D Company Pledges AWS Support

    Recently we brought you news that Altair, a computer aided engineering company, migrated its tools to AWS. This week CL3VER made the same commitment by joining the AWS Partner Network (APN) as a Technology Partner... Read More

  8. Reinventing Amazon Web Services

    The week of November 11 through 14, Amazon held its AWS re:Invent conference at the Venetian hotel and Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas. With boot camps, a hackathon, hands-on labs and a variety of interesting breakout sessions – as well as afterhours activities that included a pub crawl and AWS/Intel hosted re:Play Party – the event was a... Read More

  9. Amazon AppStream Moves Upscale

    When it comes to streaming content, apps and media over what are often high latency connections, Amazon has an answer in the form of AppStream... Read More

  10. AWS Config Tracks and Configures Your Cloud Resources

    Amazon has been on a roll of late, announcing a half dozen new products in the last month alone. One such product is AWS Config which is currently being previewed... Read More

  11. Red Hat Lets You Try Before You Buy AWS

    Red Hat is so confident you’ll like the way its software runs in the AWS cloud they’ll let you try it out for free... Read More

  12. AWS Moves in Computer Aided Engineering with a Little Altair Help

    3-D modelling and computer engineering are some of the most hardware-intensive applications one can find. In fact, it can take days to render a complex model, which is why design engineers tend to buy the fastest workstations they can find and install clusters to handle big rendering jobs... Read More

  13. AWS Gains a Fifth Database Option

    While Microsoft pushes Azure as largely designed to run SQL Server, Amazon itself offers native support for nearly a half dozen DBMS’. The latest is Amazon Aurora, a MySQL-based database engine... Read More