Last Updated on 9 April 2015, Total: 3 Articles and Tutorials

Learn about effective and efficient use of AWS S3 cloud services for all your needs.

  1. Amazon Fires a Salvo in Cloud Storage Price War

    This article takes a look at what each of the cloud storage services is offering at this moment... Read More

  2. AWS and Azure Fight to Make Cloud Storage Magic

    Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure are in a heated battle over public cloud infrastructure, a conflict that AWS is so far winning handily. However, when it comes to technology, both services are in the upper tier of the Gartner Magic Quadrant, but with AWS placed a fair bit higher... Read More

  3. Is Managed Cloud Backup the Answer to Data Loss Woes?

    CloudBerry Lab, an AWS partner and backup provider, recently released data suggesting that there has to be a better backup way... Read More