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Ricky M Magalhaes is an International Information Security architect, working with a myriad of high profile organizations.
Monique is an international security researcher, she holds a BSc Degree (Cum Laude). Previously she has focussed on research and development at leading enterprises in the Southern hemisphere.

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Ricky has trained government agencies and other governmental entities on various information security disciplines and has speaks at national and international conferences on behalf of companies, software and security vendors.

Ricky has overseen and designed implementations for large entities in excess of 100,000 users and is a trusted advisory for many fiduciary institutions and governmental agencies.

Ricky currently heads up the Offshore Security Services Division of 2e2 where he and his team build security cloud services for international telcos and software vendors.

The solution by Ricky and his team is now the largest of its kind and has been adopted globally as the leading cloud encryption solution.

Ricky holds a CISSP and has many accolades in information security and information technology. He is well respected in the security fraternity and is seen as a leader in his filed, especially in Cloud and security.  Ricky has been personally commended by Bill Gates for security work in the Microsoft arena. He has chaired the ISC2 user group in the European region where he now resides.

Monique has co-ordinated data analysis and product development and ensured that detailed lab results were organised to the highest standards when reporting the critical information back to the customers. Monique uses her acquired analytical skills to scrutinize information for obtaining unbiased comparative evaluations of security data and products.

Monique’s work has been referenced in university curriculums and information security publications globally.

Monique has authored technical material, whitepapers and product documentation for Galaxkey a company she holds and executive role at currently. Monique frequently writes technical blogs and articles on behalf of the company.