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  1. Cloud66

    Build your infrastructure from your code and set up continuous deployment. Stop spending hours writing scripts to provision your servers and deploy your application. No lock-in, no proprietary code. Build and configure your servers the way you want... Read More

  2. CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3

    CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 provides a user interface to Amazon S3 accounts allowing to access, move and manage files across your local storage and S3 buckets. File browser for Amazon S3 by CloudBerry is available in two versions – Freeware and PRO. Free Amazon S3 client comes with full support for such AWS features and services as Server Side... Read More

  3. Riverbed SteelHead CX

    For organizations that want to deliver the best end user experience, SteelHead CX optimizes the performance of all applications including on-premise, cloud and SaaS, across hybrid networks (MPLS, private VPN and public Internet). SteelHead CX is designed for scalable performance, visibility, optimization and consolidation to support the increased number of users, devices and data centers. SteelHead CX brings sophisticated optimization... Read More

  4. Zadara Storage VPSA

    The Zadara™ Storage VPSA (Virtual Private Storage Array™) technology looks, performs and behaves like an Enterprise NAS appliance—with an NFS / CIFS server, dual HA controllers, dedicated high performance drives and Enterprise class NAS features—but is offered On-Premise as a Service (OPaaS) and as a service at public cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, CloudSigma and Dimension Data) and select... Read More

  5. CTERA Portal

    CTERA Portal is a scalable cloud service delivery platform that enables the creation, delivery and management of cloud storage applications, including file sharing and sync, backup, and mobile collaboration. It connects to cloud storage infrastructure from multiple vendors, including EMC, HDS, IBM and AWS. With a centralized management console for CTERA cloud storage gateways and end-point agents, CTERA Portal makes... Read More

  6. Trend Micro Deep Security

    Advanced server security for physical, virtual, and cloud servers. Available as software or as a service, Deep Security protects enterprise applications and data from breaches and business disruptions without requiring emergency patching. This comprehensive, centrally managed platform helps organizations simplify security operations while enabling regulatory compliance and accelerating the ROI of virtualization and cloud projects. Tight integration with AWS dramatically... Read More

  7. Sumo Logic service

    Cloud computing presents a competitive advantage to organizations looking to gain insight from their real-time machine data. Through leveraging a cloud-based service, organizations are freed from the operational burden of procuring, provisioning, and managing hardware and storage required for an on-premise deployment. The basic architecture of Sumo Logic's cloud log management system revolves around the best practice of divide-and-conquer by... Read More

  8. Citrix NetScaler

    NetScaler is the industry’s leading service delivery platform with the most comprehensive set of application security, acceleration and load balancing (including GSLB) capabilities across the broadest range of platforms. The full suite of NetScaler capabilities is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. Citrix TriScale technology revolutionizes enterprise cloud networks by providing unrivaled capabilities that smartly and affordably... Read More

  9. Simpana for VM Backup, Recovery & Cloud Management

    Simpana for VM Backup, Recovery & Cloud Management conquers these shortcomings and much more. In addition to optimized VM backup and recovery, it offers a complete cloud management solution. Achieve a more agile and cost-effective infrastructure through VM provisioning, management and recovery tools, and turn your virtual infrastructure into a private cloud... Read More

  10. AppHarbor

    AppHarbor is a fully hosted .NET Platform as a Service. AppHarbor can deploy and scale any standard .NET application to the cloud. AppHarbor lets you instantly deploy and scale .NET applications using your favourite versioning tool. Installing add-ons is just as easy... Read More